For any business, signage is a large investment designed to provide an identity capable of standing out amongst other competition. Signage may be the first and the last chance you have to make a good impression and its condition can often be viewed as a reflection of the rest of the business.

Good signage maintenance programmes will:

  • Maximise the life expectancy of signage installations
  • Aid the aesthetic impact of signage installations
  • Minimise the dependency on costly reactive repairs
  • Minimise the likelihood of H & S incidents caused through general wear and tear
  • Deliver improved financial control

Why use Spectrum SG?

  • Fast and efficient signage maintenance services with competitive labour rates
  • Tailor made maintenance contracts specifically to suit the requirements of the individual client
  • Project management and sign installation services
  • 15 Specialist dedicated maintenance crews committed to supplying a first class nationwide service
  • A range of minor and major services including; Comprehensive gold, Comprehensive silver, DSD Plus, DSD Reactive, Reactive-exclusive